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Similarsitesearch helps you find similar, related, or alternative websites. Our goal is to generate the most relevant results for our users. This is the best search engine for finding similar websites! SimilarSiteSearch is a mashup of website based searches. Type a URL into the search box like and you will find a list of social networking sites. The algorithm takes many factors into account

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Type in the name of a website in our search field. You will see a number of results showing similar websites. From these results, you can understand how websites are connected based on:

  • Content - driving factor that makes sure a similar result has the same text or images as another website
  • Keyword Density - measures how many times a specific word or phrase is used on a homepage in comparison to the total amount of text on that specific page
  • Topic/Tagging Similarities - grouped characteristics that describe the overall website
  • Websites Also Visited - analyzes actual browsing data that shows what websites people are mostly likely to jump to from a specific website
  • User Rating and Reviews - community generated opinions by real human beings such as Website's domain name, title, description, content, language, keywords etc.

Check out some of your favorite websites into SimilarSiteSearch and see where it takes you.